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A SSD 2 TB of storage with LTE connection, is Link

With a single device can have internet where you want, making of router laptop. But that is not all, and is that this Link device allows you to also store no less than 2 TB of information under SSD technology. We are facing the future of the portability of networks and the mass storage of files, they will gradually begin to popularize this kind of devices that will enable us to bring the connection and data beyond wherever you want. However, this kind of gadgets are still leading-edge technology and price, as it could not be otherwise, is tripped. Are going to know a little more about this device during CES.

This NAS is everything you can imagine and more. To make the write speed as quickly as possible, we find inside a Samsung model NVMe SSD, as well as an eight-core processor 2, 1 GHz, Exynos 7420. In addition, only a two-inch device has wireless WiFi and Bluetooth, not to mention the beloved USB-C, which is gradually becoming the audiovisual content and data transfer standard.

It is not all, the surprises never stop on the device, and it is that it has no less than with IP68 certification which ensures resistance to blows and the water, this can cause housing to increase to three inches depending on the chosen storage capacity.

Now the negative side of the issue, and it is that the 2 TB version will cost no less than € 1.149, something more than what it would cost us to buy a MacBook Air input. However, the model of capacity more low, 256 GB, we can acquire it by “so only 349€.” On the other hand, the LTE module must be ordered as a complement and will raise other €149 to the total price. You can book now on his official website, although we have to be cautious and wait for the first reviews.

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