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A team of Apple would be working secretly on diabetes

A few days ago I explained a little more in-depth about two development kits that have marked a before and an after for Apple. It’s ResearchKit and CareKit, the entry of the Big Apple to the world of medical research. Apple is clear that your purpose in this world is to help people, not only offering devices that make them better life, but that your health can improve through community tools, and help patients improve their ailments and for that is ResearchKit, for example. The latest information on medical research is a multidisciplinary group which would be working secretly on diabetes, treatment and on possible solutions to an increasingly relevant issue in the 21st century.

Apple wants to enter fully into the problematic of diabetes

The closest to Steve Jobs, a co-founder of Apple, said that before his death he had in mind a project regarding diabetes, and these days we know that there is a big Apple team working the problem of diabetes.

One of the goals of this multidisciplinary team would be able to control the levels of sugar in the blood by sensors non-invasive and continuously, what would improve the quality of life of diabetics, who may only know this information through the extraction of a drop of blood through the skin piercing. The information provided highlights that the advances are so clear that Apple has been doing clinical trials testing the first prototypes and hiring professionals to be able to understand the regulation of blood sugar and apply it to the sensors of which I have spoken previously.

Many companies are those that have tried to develop non-invasive sensors, and many of them have failed; Since achieve know this data using these sensors involves the inclusion of technology advanced in relation to optical sensors. This team, working away from public life, consists of biomedical experts from renowned companies such as Medtronic, or C8 MediSensors with some relationship to Apple.

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