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A11 chips for the new iPhone 8 demand will exceed 200 million units

A11. Concepto.

Rumors around Apple’s new iPhone are still alive: Touch screen ID, processors… and we want to or not, is part of this ecosystem that we like. If you look at the rumors about the processor that will take the iPhone 8 is speculated to be the chip A11, based on a manufacturing process FinFET 10 nanometers (a process which there has been much talk in recent months) developed by TSMC, one of the factories you blindly trust Apple. A final report in relation to the amount of chips that the Big Apple will demand indicates that they will be more than 230 million chips, of which 100 million should be ready by the end of 2017, for high sales in the holiday season.

A very high demand for chips A11 for a powerful 8 iPhone

As we have mentioned before, rumors about A11 chips suggest that it will be a processor that will take you three models that the Big Apple will launch in September, of which you have speculated the following names: 7S, 7S Plus and iPhone iPhone iPhone 8 (Edition or X). The manufacture of the chip will require a process of encapsulation technology-based wafer-level integrated fan-out (InFO), an advanced technology that allows both small and powerful processors for smartphones with little space inside.

Also expected that A11 chips are 10 nm thus obtaining improved energy productivity which would lead to greater autonomy and power, which would be counteracted with the huge screen OLED that would feed (energy talking about).

The latest reports suggest that will be over 230 million chips A11 that Apple might sue to TSMC, as it is expected that new iPhones sales soar, especially in the last quarter of 2017, whose number of chips A11 orders could come to 100 million. They are very large figures, but Apple wants to make sure that there is no lack of stock at any time, if what we appreciate.

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