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All iPhone 2017 will have Lightning and 3GB of RAM

While all the rumors focused on the iPhone 8, model reward will be the top of the smartphone from Apple and that the majority of news will be, we should not forget that there will be two different smartphones that will be also presented in September, the iPhone 7s and the 7s Plus, which although they have less impact also will enjoy changes mostly internal. According to the rumors that we now refer the specifications of these new iPhone “s” will be similar to iPhone 8 in terms of RAM, 3 GB for all iPhone to be launched this year. They will also share lightning and fast charge connector.

Right now the only iPhone with 3GB of RAM is 7 Plus iPhone, but it seems the intentions of Apple go to provide all their smartphones for the same amount of memory so that everyone can enjoy the novelties of iOS 11 without problems. We know what will happen with the processors, but is expected to also share the same A11, so we could say that 3 the company smartphones will have the same power but with differences in size and display. Good news for users who can choose the model that interests them according to your preferences or affordability.

That there will be differences in storage, since the 7s and 7s Plus iPhone would have the same storage capabilities according to the rumors currently (32, 128 and 256 GB), but the iPhone 8 would only be available in 64 and 256 GB capacities. Another common element is the connector, which will remain the Lightning despite rumours about the possible change to the USB-C. But this connector Lightning would be different from the present in terms of speed of transfer of data and load, allowing the fast charge on all smartphones.

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