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Appears the first 7 Plus iPhone clone in China

iPhone 7 chinaThe ability of development and manufacture of some companies of China never cease to surprise us. When a moderately important device is released, we have little to wait to see a clone manufactured in the large Asian country. Not only that, sometimes also manufactured devices based on the rumors until the original see the light. That’s what happened with the next iPhone, which we already you have the first clone 7 iPhone made in China.

That Yes, not ask Elm pears and which manufacture such devices do not focus much on the details, as you can see in the picture there under these lines. The picture that heads this post was months ago a company manufacturer of accessories from the information that, in theory, would have come to them from Cupertino. As you can see, in the previous image that they have focused on details and we can see the True Tone flash, dual camera and bands for the antennas in a very neat image.

Clone 7 Plus iPhone made in China

iPhone 7 copia china

In the image above I have marked several things that are not on your website, or are not as they should be. The first thing is the oval ring of the camera. The renderings that we’ve seen so far suggest that there will be no ring, if not that will be housing that Excel, more or less as it is represented in the image header. On the right we have the flash and we can not differentiate that it has two colors, so it is not True Tone. At the bottom we do not see the Smart Connector that Yes has been present in all the 7 Plus/Pro iPhone leaks, nor the text “iPhone”. But the most important thing is that that have created this device do not try to cheat anyone and we can read the text “Designed by TAIWAN – made in CHINA”.

There are no pictures on the front, but is likely to have no glass rounded at the ends, which are known as 2. 5 d, and if we lit it, it is likely that we would find with a modified version of Android. In any case, there we have it, the first clone of an iPhone 7 Plus.

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