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Apple calls on Samsung 70 million units of panels OLED

And it is that the movements for the new model of iPhone X are already active in Apple for some time. Now speaks of 70 million units of panels OLED that Apple has asked to install in the following iPhone, Samsung Electronics, but it seems that they are not installed on all models, only in that rumored iPhone X. Components for Apple’s iPhone 2017 are already in the oven and it is expected that, despite everything, the demand exceeds the available units, limiting the iPhone will be to be able to buy in the days following its submission.

IHS Markit, David Hsieh, analyst has warned as they do in the Nikkei report, request screens OLED already is made and now Samsung has this important work ahead. The size of the order does not surprise us if we take into account that it is not the first time that the Cupertino company purchase panels to Samsung and in large quantities, but this time refers to a screen of 5.2 inches for the OLED and two more 4.7 and 5.5-inch for the usual LCD that has Apple on its iPhone.

Much remains so that the new iPhone will see the light and while this does not happen the rumors and leaks in the supply chains, together forecasts of analysts continue to coming to the network. At the moment what more it sounds to this iPhone 8, iPhone X or as you wish to call it, is the Wireless charging, sensor 3D facial recognition (that hopefully is better than the Samsung) and screen OLED on the device, being the first iPhone in this type of display. We will see that it is what is left along the way with the passage of time.

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