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Apple could break all those schemes with their results financial of today

Those analysts, those that play to the roulette with them actions of Apple, could receive this same night the umpteenth “zas” with with regard to them results financial of Apple. The Cupertino company will account partners tonight, shortly before that we are live on the News Podcast iPhone on YouTube, so take this opportunity to quote you in our podcast so you participate and passes you cool with us. In the channel of YouTube’s TodoApple from them 23:55 hour Spanish.

While both Apple will post the economic health of the company between September 25 and December 31 last year, and according to the leaks, all indications are that it would be the best financial quarter of Apple last year, bucking once again analysts.

As not could be of another mode, the “analysts” have made their own betting, that can observe in the website of MacRumors and have remained such that thus:

• Mark Moskowitz of Barclays: $76.6 billion
• Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company: $76.68 billion
• Steven Milunovich UBS: $76.8 billion
• Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital Markets: $76.9 billion
• Rod Hall of J.P. Morgan: $76.9 thousand million
• Bloomberg News: $77 billion
• Yahoo Finance: $77.38 billion
• Reuters: $77.4 billion
• Brian White of Drexel Hamilton: $77.61 billion
• Neil Above Cybart Avalon: $80 billion

Even analysts are hopeful, an increase in the worst case scenario of up to at 2,000 billion dollars, which is not bad. Great part of the guilt it has the criticized Mac, that has retrieved an increase of around a 5% in their sales total from the launch of the MacBook Pro with TouchBar, arriving to exceed in 5.3 million of units them sales of the last year. We will have to wait if we want data 7 iPhone and iPad Pro, even though Apple isn’t very given to provide this information.

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