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Apple could lower Apple Music this Christmas


Apple Music recently that fulfilled their year of life, and since its launch in streaming music world has changed a lot, with its main competitors giving important steps to become more competitive. Apple could respond shortly with a reduction in the price of the monthly subscriptions to its service, which could lose the $9.99 to the $7.99 a month for individual accounts. This information ensures that this rebate would not until next Christmas, as a promotion for the holidays.

Right now Apple Music has three different subscription types: individual account for $9.99 a month; the family account for $14.99 per month; and the account of student for $4.99 a month. According to the information posted in MacRumors, this last has of student would be as is, without modify its price, but it has individual would fall to them mentioned $7.99 and it has family would fall to them $12,99 to the month. This movement would put Apple Music in the same price range for individual accounts that has the musical service from Amazon, whose price is $7.99 though as an Echo Amazon users would only have to pay $3.99, a price that Apple Music moment could not match.

The information comes from the same source a few months ago said that Apple nen two years ending purchases of music through iTunes, something that was denied in forceful way by the company. He also said that Apple would release a new version of iTunes in the last WWDC of June which would be a first step towards this end of iTunes, something that was not met. So this information about the lowering of Apple Music must take it very cautiously, although it would be a strategic move that would leave its main competitor, Spotify, on the ropes and nearly forcing it to lower its price if it does not want to lose customers on behalf of Apple Music.

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