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Apple fails to delve into the market of smartphones in China

The results for the second fiscal quarter of the Big Apple are just around the corner. But these days is becoming viral a report that puts Apple as a fourth force technology in the sale of smartphones in China, a fact that year after year fails to overcome. There are three great technological powers controlling the market of smartphones in the Chinese territory: Huawei, live and Oppo, while the iPhone stays in fourth place, increasingly more below their opponents. What are the reasons? Why the iPhone not cala in this Asian territory, in Europe or in the USA?

How to sell more iPhones in China?

Smartphones China market continues to grow, with shipments increasing more than 9% this quarter. However, there is a clear indication that the market is consolidating. The three major providers are moving away from the market, representing more than 50% of shipments for the first time in the current quarter.

This latter figure is quite significant: more than 50% of the smartphones sold are of the three main suppliers that top the list: Huawei, Oppo and alive. These three technology companies have the advantage of having more publicity in Chinese territory since its origins lie in this Asian country, while Apple is trying to take over part of the market from Cupertino.

The result of the report shows how Huawei, with its P10 and P10 Plus presentation, outperformed Oppo, thus regaining market leadership during the first fiscal quarter of 2017. If we compare the total number of shipments with the first three providers you can see who tops the list, Huawei, has the 18% of total shipments.

Apple maintains fourth place in sales of smartphones in China. Although the data are not official, Canalys assumes that the Big Apple has transacted more than 9 million iPhones during Q2 2017, just 8% of the total number of processed orders (some 119 million of terminals are estimated).

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple has to put the batteries with your iPhone 8 if you want to keep a fourth place in sales of smartphones in China, we’ll see if the time is on their side and they manage to overcome the figures of this second fiscal quarter of 2017.

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