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Apple joins the partnership on AI to collaborate together in artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become one of the priorities of the major technology companies. We are sure that many of you have seen movies in which artificial intelligence is displayed as an intelligent entity with which we can carry on a conversation as if it were a person. Today, and despite the advances of the leading technology companies in this sector, the reality is very different. To try to accelerate the development of this technology, the Cupertino-based company has joined the partnership on AI, an organization composed of Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft.

This organization, which was created a few months ago, it will jointly develop artificial intelligence. All components of the Partnership on AI will have to share all its advances in this group in order to thus move more quickly in this respect. In addition it will also educate the community of the importance for the future of this technology, which can play a very important role in day to day, not only of people but also of society as a whole.

That it seems that they have not invited to the party is Elon Musk, maximum responsible for Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop… who makes a few months announced OpenAI, another organization where any company can collaborate to develop artificial intelligence. We don’t know the reason why major technology companies have decided to create a different organization, but if Elon Musk, who at the moment has been shown to be able to bring all their ideas, to join this select group insurance to the development of artificial intelligence would be faster. Although as in everything, it seems that this is going to be a competition to see who offers the best results in this important while feared field in the future.

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