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Apple leaves of signing iOS 10.2, already not is possible do downgrade

It makes just a few hours, the boys from Cupertino have closed the tap to all users who had in mind to downgrade to take advantage the latest movements related to the jailbreak. Apple has left of sign iOS 10.2, so is impossible do downgrade, update or restore this version of firmware via OTA or via iTunes, since from the servers of Apple never are going to get response affirmative that us active the phone and us let use it. This time Apple has been given much hurry to avoid users to downgrade, since the only version that currently servers Apple sign is the 10.2.1, the Cupertino-based company launched last Monday, a week ago.

Since the release of iOS 10.2.1 much movement have observed in the world of the jailbreak with Luca Todesco among others to the head. A couple of days ago we published the news that the jailbreak of Yalu had been updated to be compatible with more devices, among which were not the new 7 iPhone and iPad Air 2, models which it appears will be the last in power be compatible.

But the jailbreak not is the only reason by which Apple leaves of sign versions previous, since each new update solves problems of security besides offer improvements of performance, improvements that from makes several versions of iOS have disappeared by full, unless for the duration of the battery, as you said my companion Miguel yesterday same.

Currently Apple is focusing on what will be the third major update of iOS 10.3, a new version of iOS that will allow us to quickly find our AirPods thanks to Find My AirPdos function, available in the Find My iPhone. But also we will bring a new menu of settings for our ID of Apple, improvements in the widget of maps and podcast in addition to other improvements under.

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