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Apple may publish new benefits record the coming week

iPhone 7 y dinero2016 was not a good year for Apple. Cupertino saw as iPhone sales kept climbing and climbing for the first time since 2007, which came accompanied by the typical “Apple is doomed” and some nervousness from some investors who sold all his shares in the company run by Tim Cook. But everything seems to indicate that the situation will change in 2017, or began to change at the end of 2016, since Barclays believes that Apple will publish a new record of benefits on January 31.

To be more exact, Barclays estimated that those of Cupertino published a record of profits that you will reach 76.600 M$ when they publish the results for the first fiscal quarter of 2017, which coincides with the months October, November and December 2016. A year ago, Apple got a profit of 75.900 M$ in a quarter whose sales of the iPhone problems still not seen reflected. According to Barclays, the benefits of this year will be among the 76,000-78. 000M$.

There will be new record of Apple this month?

But Barclays is not the only company that thinks that Apple will publish a new record of profits on Tuesday. UBS believes that Tim Cook and company announced profits of 77 M$ 800, far exceeding forecasts by the Apple company. Analyst Steven Milunovich UBS maintains the label of “buy” on the shares of Apple.

On the other hand, Mark Moskowitcz, Barclays, remains skeptical as to the success of the iPhone 8 because it ensures you won’t have “required advanced functions” or must have. In addition, he also mentions what many think, the smart phone market is saturated and many of the devices available are quality, which offers us the possibility of buying a good device without having to buy a new iPhone for a higher price.

Barclays analyst has also had time to talk about the Wireless charging of iPhone 8, but mentioned it to say that does not believe that it is ready for this year to 2018-2019. The Wireless charging, which would allow us to charge the device at a distance, could be an important point of the next iPhone, but would not be so if the load outside induction, i.e. If the device were to be mandatory on a surface to receive the load.

In any case, these analyses speak of an iPhone that will be presented at the end of 2017. We have closer is the report by next Tuesday. There will new record of Apple or new opportunity for the the “Apple is doomed” be?

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