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Apple Music could be overcome in Spotify users

It seems that the music streaming market is still movidito, is that although we are already more than accustomed to listening to music in this way, by amenities against piracy and for obvious economic reasons with respect to traditional music formats, are so many services that we have at our disposal that, in the end, are the companies that try to convince us with the benefits (and catalogs) for each service. That Yes, in the end are two large: Spotify and Apple Music.

And before referring directly to the title of this post, no one can deny the power that has Spotify, one of the first to appear and obviously the clear candidate to take the cake. That Yes, Spotify has to be careful, especially after rumors of the Elimination of the free model (with ads) offering, and is that apparently, recent studies confirm that Apple Music could be getting more users monthly to the giant of streaming, Spotify…

And say not only him but that the guys from the company Verto, American analysts, they dare to give the figure that Apple Music could be having 40.7 million unique users per month, compared to 30.4 million spotify, which also would be in third place after Pandora, one of the best-known music streaming services in United States.

What are these numbers? so obviously to the free 3 months give the guys at Cupertino to test Apple Music, and that is perfectly integrated with any Apple device, i.e., you do not need an additional app, the app’s own music (even in the Apple Watch) have integrated Apple Music. Is for this reason that I would take this data with tweezers, must take into account all and I think that Spotify is doing well, and will continue to be the first music streaming service.

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