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Apple Park is almost ready for its opening

You know that nowadays not only iPhone like we talk about devices Apple, we love to talk about all that circulates around the company in general. And is that not only were going to talk about iPhones and Macs, there is also talk of the Apple Stores, and of course of the Apple Park, the new (and impressive) headquarters of the guys at the Apple bite… brand

And it is that everything seems to point to that we faced an imminent opening, it has been much time that has passed since the start of the works and it seems that everything is ready for the guys at Cupertino move to this new facility. After the jump you teach this new video recorded with a drone in which you can see all the advances of the Apple Park to date, an aspect that denotes that the Apple Park could be very close to your big day: opening

As you have seen in the previous video, the greatness of the project conceived by the guys at Foster + Partners impresses, and obviously also have seen that everything is almost ready: solar panels, green plantations, the Auditorium Steve Jobs… Apple has already announced in February that during the month of April would begin moving, so it is not surprising that you already has started a few weeks ago and the inauguration is waiting to give the finishing touches.

We will continue looking forward to all the innovations that arise around the Apple Park, sure that the guys at Cupertino not disappoint us with the opening of the Apple Park, and what say the emotive which can be opened an auditorium that bears the name of Steve Jobs… Hopefully a little more, news of the Apple Park are falling.

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