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Apple Park works continue at a good pace

One month, we offer a new video in which we can see how they have advanced previously known as Apple Campus 2 works, since from this past week, the Cupertino-based company has announced the final name of this new complex: Apple Park. The works have experienced several months of delay, since the last final forecast pointed to that works should be completed before the end of the year, but as we have seen, the completion of the works has been extended a few months more, until at least the second quarter of this year.

As we can see in the above video, almost all of the solar panels installation has finished, not only of major installations, but almost all the full, including the parking area where also can find a large number of panels that will provide enough electricity for the needs of Apple of this massive complex which will be within a couple of months approximately , the headquarters of Apple for years and where in addition also there will be some small performances thanks to the new auditorium with capacity for more than 1,000 people.

Auditorium named Steve Jobs Theater is practically finished, in the absence of the outer coating, r & d offices They are receiving the last brushstrokes, as visitors center where an Apple Store and a cafe. We can also see as gardening efforts have advanced, but not everything should be with new trees in the access areas and in the interior of the enclosure, land mountains are practically non-existent, the gym area has yet to finalize… At the moment this is the summary that another month more, Mathew Roberts has posted on his YouTube channel. We have to wait one month to see how they have advanced the works.

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