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Apple Pay adds support for three new banks in Canada


While users in many countries are still waiting for the company to announce the arrival of Apple Pay to new countries, the company is focusing on add new banks to this payment technology in countries where it is available. If a few weeks ago, Singapore, where he arrived make little Apple Pay through American Express, it expanded the number of banks and cards that are compatible with the new Apple payment service, now touched you the shift to Canada, where he also became Apple Pay thanks to the partnership with American Express.

Banks that today are beginning to be compatible with Apple Pay in Canada are BMO, Scotiabank and TD Canada Trust three of the big five banks in the country, according to the Toronto Star published. The customers of these banks can add the credit and debit cards of these banks from 8:30 in the morning local time today. BMO offers Interac, Mastercard or Scotiabank Interac and Visa cards and TS Canada Trust Interac, Visa and Mastercard cards. All these credit and debit cards can be added to Apple Pay. So you only have to click on add credit card or debit in the Wallet application provided you have iOS 8.1 or higher.

These three banks were available on the website of Apple Pay in Canada as available soon since the beginning of May. In addition, ATB Financial, and Canadian Tire Bank offered support for in-app purchase, since this payment technology is used not only to make payments in shops but that we can also use it to make payments over the Internet.  After the incorporation of these three banks, the big five banks in the country, that they represent 90% of the users of country Apple Pay docking. Currently some shops where it is possible to use in the following establishments: Canadian Tire, Chapters, Coles, Indigo, London Drugs, Mark’s, McDonald’s, On The Go, Petro-Canada, Pizza Hut, Staples, Tim Hortons as well as thousands of retail stores.

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