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Apple prioritizes improvements to face the new iPhone 8 Siri

Siri is a fundamental part in the future of the Cupertino company is a reality. So much so that it has gained special importance in the two latest accessories from Apple, the AirPods and Apple Watch. However, competition increasingly are closer, and Siri could be staying stagnant as far as functionality is concerned. But never again, the Cupertino company is working seriously to improve the capabilities of Siri in the face the next versions of iOS and the iPhone 8 with the intention that Siri is one more reason why users prefer buying their mobile phones.

As they filter from DigiTimes, company is working seriously with the Artificial Intelligence market, its only aim is to seriously improve Siri to make it more intelligent.

Manufacturers of Smartphones, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG and Xiaomi, are working hard to include models of devices that have intelligence capabilities Artificial. These devices will come to market during the year 2017 according to sources.

Apple has acquired an Australian company which is specialized in this matter, the company is called Turi and was purchased during the month of August of 2016. The sole aim of this acquisition is to improve Siri and make it more functional. Meanwhile, all indications are that the next iPhone will already include a wizard with these capabilities.

No surprise at all handle this information, Siri code has been open to developers and Apple continues to make effort to improve your virtual assistant. Without, however, the diversity of products like the Apple TV and similar may be a little difficult that integration between devices that has always characterized the company from Cupertino. In short, we must be ready for an improved Siri this year.

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