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Apple released the second public beta of iOS 10.3.2

The guys at Cupertino have followed the tradition of releasing a day later, the public beta of the same version that since yesterday are testing the developers. Yesterday Apple released the second beta for developers of iOS 10.3.2 and 24 hours later has released the second beta of iOS 10.3.2 public, so that any user of the public betas of Apple program can install it on your device and send the necessary feedback for that slows the release of the final version, main objective of this programme of public betas which is available since a couple of years ago.

This new beta of iOS 10.3.2 comes after the release of the final version of iOS 10.3, a version that he arrived with a large number of new features compared to previous versions and shortly after released the final version of iOS 10.3.1, a version that just has had betas. All users who have installed the profile of the public betas of Apple will be notified that there is a new beta available for download.

This new update focuses on improving the functioning and performance of iOS 10.3, version as it is logical is not without fault, as well as any final version of any operating system. If today still forms part of the public beta program but want to be part of it, you just have to check out the betas of Apple program, add your ID and download the certificate that will allow you to begin enjoying the next versions of iOS before anyone else.

Since the public beta program began, they have improved a lot both his performance and the number of crasheos to almost not appear at any time, so if you had fear to suffer any problem of this type, you can be perfectly calm in this sense.

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