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Apple releases iOS 10.3.2 Developer beta 5

The guys at Cupertino have just released beta 5 iOS 10.3.2 for developers and not “regulatory week so” has gone through what this release may be related to a security error detected in the beta 4 IOS launched last Monday. In this sense there is nothing to indicate this potential failure or some other error requiring this fifth beta release, but this is something that does not know if the developers are not pronounced in this regard and this is something that we do not believe that it will pass.

Anyway we have clear is that this new version is now in the hands of developers and also displays details about the improvements and bug fixes that can add this new beta. Remember that these versions are exclusive to the official iOS developers, and there is no trace of version beta for users who are registered in the program of public betas.

Remember that the previous official version added us a series of new products that work well with the new file system Apple File System, the search function my AirPods, in addition to the typical improvements of safety and performance of iOS to date. In these beta we found no news about the functionality of the system and in this latest version beta 5 the only thing that comes to mind so first is Apple to launch it with the solution to the bug found this same week to restart the iPhone after leaving it for a while blocked. In reality we would seem strange a new beta to fix this bug and partly seems even too fast for a bug or bug that neither impairs the functionality of the device and does not allow access to user data or similar…

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