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Apple releases the first beta of iOS 10.3 with Find My AirPods as main novelty

The guys at Cupertino yesterday launched the final versions of all operating systems which was working the company these past few months. Today it has touched the shift to the betas. Beta of macOS, tvOS and course of iOS. Apple has just of launch the first beta of iOS 10.3, a new beta very expected by them users, users that are waiting for the possibility of that Apple offers finally the possibility of enable the mode Theatre, a mode that would obscure them menus, as if of a theme dark is were. But of time not there is trace some of that function. The main novelty it found in the function Find My AirPods.

This new function us offers the possibility Search our headphones wireless without have that make use of it application that withdrew the company makes a pair of weeks and that us allowed find our AirPods, provided is will find in an enclosure bounded, since is based in the signal bluetooth of them same for to locate it.

The operation of this new function, which is located within the find my iPhone, is similar to that Apple pulled out of the Apple Store, since also relies on the bluetooth signal strength from it, but also it allows us to play a sound in the AirPods that we have lost, either both or only one.

This signal of audio we will allow locate more quickly the place exact where have lost the AirPods, If not is are to simple view. When making use of this feature, Find my AirPods will know if the handset we have not lost is in our ear so if you press to activate the sound that will help us to find it visually, this will be issued not by we have placed.

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