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Apple studies to undertake legal action against Trump and his anti-immigration order

As Tim Cook company’s own CEO said in an interview with the U.S. newspaper The Wall Street Journal, Apple is considering the possibility of taking legal action with a view of the administration led by Donald Trump reverse in order that restricts the entry of immigrants into the country.

This news comes only a few days after organizations in defence of human rights, and technology companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and the own Apple among others, have expressed their opposition to such a measure. In fact, in a letter to the employees of the company, Tim Cook said of the Executive order that “is not a policy that we support”.

Apple will not remain silent before Donald Trump immigration policy

He last Friday, just when is met a week since Donald Trump jurase his charge as President of United States, the Tycoon decided to celebrate it restricting the entry to them citizens from of seven countries of most Muslim (Syria, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and Libya) as measure for, according to he, prevent the entry of terrorist to the country.

Immediately began to proliferate the criticisms against an order which does not make any distinction, to the point that Apple is considering suing administration Trump so it terminated its Executive immigration order. So Tim Cook has said this in an interview in the journal The Wall Street Journal.

Tim Cook explica por qué accedió a reunirse con Donald Trump

The order, signed last Friday, suspends the entry of all refugees to the United States for a period of 120 days, although in the case of the Syrian refugees, the prohibition extends indefinitely and also prevents the people from the seven above-mentioned countries enter the United States for a period of 90 days.

He Saturday, Tim Cook sent a mail electronic to all the employees of Apple claiming that the order of Trump “not is a political that support”. At the same time, I took the opportunity to try to convey some reassurance indicating that the human resources, legal and security of Apple equipment were already contacting the affected employees.

Cook says that hundreds of employees already are being affected by the order and therefore, has contacted senior White House staff to convey that the rescission of the order is not only important for Apple, but also for the United States because their strength comes from their immigrant origins.

More than any country of the world, this country is strong due to our immigration and our capacity and ability as people to receive to people of all type of background. That is what we made special. We must make a pause and think deeply about that.

Many Apple employees have contacted Cook transmitting “heartbreaking stories” about how the ban will be impacted. According to the WSJ, an employee soon will be father and fears that them future grandparents, with double nationality Canadian and Iranian, not can meet is with his grandson.

Apple is still considering the legal options you have, so Tim Cook did not want to go into details, however, said that the company wants to be “productive” and “constructive” in its response.

The shame that connects to the world

The CEO has also stated that oppose the order of Trump has been a simple decision because Apple sells their devices in more than 180 countries and therefore has to “look at the world”. Finally, Cook says that part of the reason why the company opposes the order is because Apple would not exist if the Syrian Steve Jobs immigrant father had not had the opportunity to emigrate to the United States.

In parallel, and apart from these possible legal actions, Apple employees have increased their donations to the Fund for aid to refugees while the company folded the donations from their employees.

On the other hand, more than 2,000 Google employees around the world are planning a strike, while Airbnb is providing free housing to immigrants displaced by the order.

Without a doubt, the order of Trump is having a positive consequence, is that companies and people of very different backgrounds, tastes, beliefs, ideologies, and often rivals, are uniting against a decision shameful, most dictatorial and totalitarian, regimes that a country that calls himself “defender of freedoms”. Donald Trump, like many other political leaders of history with which we could compare it, requires a scapegoat that allows you to divert attention to make and undo at will though, unlike those, this time the goats are many: foreigners (mostly Mexican), Islamists, gay… Fortunately, United States is not Donald Trump.

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