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Apple updated the AirPods at the version 3.5.1

Without any noise, without waiting for any beta of iOS and to even be notified with a small note in the center of our iPhone notifications, Apple just updated the AirPods firmware 3.5.1. The update takes place completely in the background without the intervention of the user, and there is no note from Apple stating what are the changes that brings. What if brought, at least in my case, is the obligation of having to reset after upgrading so that they work correctly.

To know if the version of your AirPods already is updated or not you must go to the menu settings of iOS, and within General > information, in the part lower will be shown the version of the firmware of your AirPods that in this case should indicate 3.5.1, whenever are connected to your device as is evident. In the case that have not updated to this version, you should only you have taken place near the iPhone, open the lid of your box so that they connect and leave a few minutes to see if the update occurs automatically.

After the update I have Yes noticed that my AirPods had more problems to connect to my iPhone automatically, as well as playback is not stopped when it took me one of them, as if it should occur. Unlink them completely of the iPhone and reset before return them to link seems to have been the solution of time to that problem. Will see if Apple has improved one of them aspects of which many users is complaining: a consumption of battery over with them AirPods in rest, within its box, having as result that the battery of the joint not hard more than 3 days without even have them used. Also has been very repeated by those users another problem that caused that the calls is cut when is used them AirPods as hands free. If there is anything new about what includes the AirPods firmware update we will inform you promptly.

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