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Apple will also design their own chips for the battery management

iPhone 7 Bateria baja

That the battery of the iPhone lately is a serious problem, clear saved the iPhone Plus size clearly justifies their autonomy. IPhone 6s has serious problems to cope with more than half a day with normal use, being upgraded to the latest version of the operating system. Apple knows that it has lost a key point in their mobile devices, autonomy, an issue that does not suffer nor much less the iPad or MacBook on duty. Therefore, an analyst points to that Apple would be working to create its own battery management chips, which hopes to improve the performance offered by the device of the Apple in this area.

The Cupertino company is taking full advantage of the economic boom that have brought the last financial years, and therefore are opting to get rid of items that can “cut you the wings”, in the same way that was quickly undone Samsung as a main supplier of its processors, and after announcing that it will achieve the design of their own GPUs within two years now it’s up to the battery, and is that the company that Tim Cook runs will be working on more efficient battery management chips and self-designed.

As we know, there is evidence that Apple is working their own chips to manage battery (WCRP), trying to thus replace Dialog, the current manufacturer, at least in part. To do this, Apple is hiring the best engineers of Dialog, is causing chaos in the company of Munich – Reuters.

The problem here will be once more patents, apparently Dialog has the vast majority of patents necessary to take Apple held its Odyssey, something like what Apple GPUs manufacturer warned. Failure to wait to see if the threat is real, or just a whisper.

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