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Apple will let developers respond to the reviews of their apps on iOS and Mac

There are days where just we have news related to Apple, but with the final versions of yesterday and now with the betas have been a couple of very busy days. A few hours ago Apple released the first beta of iOS 10.3, a beta whose main novelty is found in the new feature Find my AirPods, a function that will help us to easily find our dear wireless headphones without having to make use of the application that arrived in the App Store more or less a month ago and was shortly thereafter removed. It is clear that Apple had in mind this feature to keep homeless to their users in this regard.

But another novelty that we read in the release notes, found in the developers, want to they can respond to the comments that they leave the users in their applications, something which at the moment was not available in any of the Apple online platforms, and that in my view, created a certain helplessness to developers like could not defend themselves or clarify the questions made by some users. This new feature has always been one of the main demands by developers already in other platforms, such as Google Play If that was available.

At the moment Apple has not offered details sidewalk of what this new feature, which will allow developers both iOS and macOS to interact with their users in a simple and fastwill be available. Nor do we know if the response that can offer the developer appears next to the comment or may only access it the user and developer. Users can inform Apple if some developer begins to abuse this option, which could lead to the expulsion of the Apple Developer program.

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