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Are the original Apple Watch straps worth? The answer is not

Approaching the Magi and other festivities aimed at buying gifts for our family and friends. By this, strike tell that one of them best gifts that you can make to the holder of the Apple Watch is a pretty strap to give you an aspect completely different to your device. Here is when entered in the plot about if deserves or not really the penalty pay rather more by them belts official of Apple. Are going to argue what the pros (if any) and cons of buy Apple official belts and where you can find cheaper alternatives.

Stress from the outset that this article is an opinion based on the unicametne of the editor experience and that it doesn’t want to share the entire editorial team.

I have been able to spend some time testing official belts and not Apple Watch officers and these have definitely been theories which lead me to think that paying more for Apple straps (for the first time in an Apple product), it is not worth:

  • Quality: Tell Apple belts are more good by being official is not being realistic, at Amazon, we find all kinds of qualities and prices and belts. Firstly, we have JeTech, a company that creates huge amounts of accessories for Apple products, which usually offer a half chord with the price quality, taking into account its links of steel strings tend to haunt the €16, as well as their Milanese straps that do not suffer any degradation with the passage of time. Moko is another specialized company with recognition in it comes to unofficial Apple Watch straps.
  • The unlikely price: Many companies at Amazon are offering silicone straps for Apple Watch for prices that border the € 8 with Premium, i.e. shipping 24 h. Apple offers a product of exactly the same quality by no less than € 59, the same happens with the nylon that you can see them £ 20 at Amazon.
  • Ease of change belt: The fact that you can get belts mode, Fullmosa or JETech by low prices make it easier to change the belt and give new life to our clock. Something that becomes more difficult with official straps.

Thus, If you want to give away belts Apple Watch, perhaps a bag of Apple Store look more, but remember that you can buy more for less if you go to Amazon.

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