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Available implementation of iOS to add compatibility to the Samsung Gear S2, S3 and Gear Fit 2

Galaxy Gear S3

One news rumoreadas during the beginning of the last year 2016 was able to see the compatibility of the Samsung watches with iOS devices. These rumors became leaks last a few months and soon after the news officially confirmed that the South Koreans were preparing an application to operate its watches with iOS devices. Now the application that adds compatibility already has been released and it is matter of hours which is available for all countries, its expansion is being done gradually.

So announce it on the website Sammobile, it is true at Apple in Spain applications store is not available while we are writing this article is to be patient since it is certain that it will end up being available app Samsung Gear S.

Compatible devices

It is clear that compatible devices need to be in a recent version of iOS, but as is compatibility with devices from the iPhone 5 and onwards, the operating system is also something more flexible and allowed support from iOS 9.x on.

In regards to the possibilities offered by the compatibility of the Samsung Gear S3 S2 Gear or the Gear Fit 2 with the iPhone, in principle it has to be almost total and you can enjoy all the features Samsung clock on the iPhone. It is clear that it will not be the same user experience that we get with Apple Watch, but this is normal when there are applications of through-style Pebble.

For those who cannot wait to have the official app and want to test this application, there is even the IPA for the model S2 Gear leave here, but in principle it will too soon to launch the official worldwide version so best to be a little patient and download the official. In any case the application has already been launched officially by Samsung.

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