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Available in the App Store proud for only 0.99 euros

If we talk about productivity in the App Store we can find a large number of applications that will help us in our day to day, especially if we tend to have many things in the head and it aim to absolutely everything so that nothing is passed to us. Proud arrived in the App Store with the idea of giving a twist to the traditional planning systems, some of which are out of date. Proud will allow us to better manage our time to carry out all tasks or reminders that we have outstanding and thanks to a few superpowers, as they are called the developer: give me more time, I release stress and travels backwards in time.

Proud has a regular price in the App Store of 4.99 euros, but for a limited time can get it for less than a euro 0.99 euros. If you are tired of your usual application to manage your day to day, now is a good time to give you an opportunity to this very good application that offers the following features.

Features of Proud

  • Interface simple and based on gestures, so can move you more quickly by the application
  • Postponement of task simple: “by the night” instead of “to the 7 PM”
  • Reminders
  • Habits so that you stop already forget your important stuff!
  • Synchronization with Dropbox to be more productive with all your devices iOS (and Mac beta)
  • Multitasking for iPad
  • TouchID to keep safe your tasks
  • Concentration/relaxation timers to remind you to take breaks while you work
  • 3 superpowers: “give me more time”, “travels to back in the time”, and “free me from the stress”
  • 24 issues of color so Proud has the appearance that to you you like
  • Native app for Apple Watch that works even if your iPhone is not nearby
  • Agitates for export and print your lists, so that the can share with other people
  • Advanced reminders
  • Your goal in her life, to remind you what is it important in your life
  • 7 days of your performance graph so you can see how many tasks have completed
  • Shake to undo / redo, so not you worry when you wrong
Proud (AppStore Link)

Peter Szwach

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