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Beat eggs… in retreat: Twitter change profile image by default

“During the past seven years, anyone that has created an account has begun with an egg as profile image by default”. So begins the release issued Twitter on its corporate blog to announce that characteristic profile image in the form of egg of the social network disappears giving way to another… and more boring.

The social network of the 14th character has been mired in recent times in a process of change that is modifying aspects of Twitter at all levels to provide a new image of face to the public and keep afloat that want it to be the preferred site for everyone to be informed of the current minute. A few things lead to others and, among them, we find today this farewell to one of the symbols of the platform in recent years.

From the informative note account that is time to take a leap that allow and encourage people to upload their own profile picture, giving them a greater personality that facilitates the expression within the network. Likewise, reported to have accounts with an egg as profile image many times they are used by people who are abusive, which has created a negative connotation to this profile picture.

What replaces the egg now is a gray figure with a background of the same color but in different tonality, devoid of any kind of expression. It is boring, generic, and therefore encourages to be modified, just what is intended with this. Definitely, it is not the biggest change nor the most notorious of those have been conducted (already I had before other related user names), but it is good to know that, at least, the static seems to have been banished forever from the offices of Twitter.

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