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Clock, prevents the annoying calls Spam

Who isn’t tired of annoying calls from the phone operators at 4 in the afternoon? Or that you interrupted when more concentrated are at work to bring you a product that you are interested in at all? It is true that iOS has long incorporated the option of blocking contacts, but you must know your phone number, which is not always possible. Clock does that for you, identifying not only those numbers that are phone, Spam, but it also allowing you directly block them so not to bother you again. It is an application available for Android and iOS, and that is completely free, so it is almost obligated to try it.

Application is available in the App Store (and Google Play), your registration is free and in addition, for those who have much value in the privacy of your data, you can configure the application so that other users don’t know that you’re inside. How do you know clock phone numbers are those who make calls Spam? It collects data from different sources, and of course from the users themselves. Anyone using the application may report a new issue that has made him a called Spam, and once that number has been advised by amount of users as to give validity to that report will be included in the list of Spam.

As if is were of an antivirus, clock is updated periodically with new numbers, and in the event that any of them you call, although never you have called and not it have identified, you will be shown with a background red and with the title of Spam, without you have that do nothing. Well Yes, you have to give permission to block calls within settings > phone > blocking calls, but the fact that you can forget that you have it installed because you will enjoy its virtues without having to do anything. A must for almost any app.

Truecaller - Identificación de Spams y  Bloquear (AppStore Link)
Clock – identification of spam and blocking

True Software Scandinavia AB

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