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Concept of “X” based on the first iPhone video iPhone

We have already seen this concept on another occasion in format photos and this time we have a video that could be a spectacular design the new iPhone ‘X’ or tenth anniversary that should arise this year. The truth is that we like to see this type of renderings of what could be the new iPhone model, and in this case, the truth is that it looks spectacular. We already say earlier we saw images of the back of this render of iPhone, but in video it impresses a little more and it is complicated.

No more we leave you with this render from COMPUTER BILD TV Youtube Channel:

May be the design similar to the current iPhone 6, 6s and 7, but displaying simply the display to one you want to be real and Apple play it with a similar design. The problem of this type of screens without frame usually always the same and is that if the software is not well implemented can touch the screen accidentally when it comes to grab the device with one hand.

The rest seem spectacular, including the option to have footprints under the screen sensor or cameras not protrude from the rear, something difficult to achieve if the device continues with the same thickness as the current model. Ultimately we are before an iPhone is a rendering, with a nod to the first iPhone with the bottom in black. A few months to see this iPhone X or tenth anniversary officially, but when they arrive this type of videos is normal that enter one desire that time goes fast to see what they show us from Cupertino.

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