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Curved screen and 8 USB-C on the iPhone? I don’t think so

” Rumore, rumore, rumore…”as he said the song, is that we do not tire bring you the innovations that arise in respect of the future iPhone expected for 2017, and is that this time it seems that the Cupertino company will accompany his usual”S”model of a Special Edition with which it hopes to commemorate as the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone deserves , and which we hope will serve as reminder turn to Steve Jobs, genius and figure of the company, father of the Original iPhone. Analysts begin to shoot at discretion, and today points to an iPhone with a curved screen and connection USB-C.

Much would have cambado on Apple if the Wall Street Journal is correct, although the reality is that we’re seeing things that we never thought that they could occur in the Cupertino company in recent years, starting with third-party keyboards and ending with the growth of applications in the iOS App Store. In deefinitiva, this Special Edition for the tenth anniversary of the iPhone would be quite amazing:

Apple has decided adopt nua screen flexible for one of them models of the new iPhone that is will launch this year, and has charged enough components as to start already the manufacturing of the same.

The final intention seems to be the fact that people see in this new iPhone old and new at the same time, evoke a sense of memory that will certainly satisfy the most veterans. And is that es hard to look at an iPhone 4 and not think that at the time, Apple was several years ahead in regard to materials and design.

But not everything is here, the Cupertino company is being at the same time one that more committed to the new connector USB-C and its insatiable capabilities, do enough as a pair including it in the new iPhone? Nothing is further from reality, will be the traditional USB connection which will be replaced by a USB-C, which has logic in response to the new MacBooks.

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