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Detected a bug that blocks our iPhone using control center

It is true that some time we had a bug in the operating system of the iPhone – I seem to remember from the last December with access to the photos – and a few hours ago a new bug has been detected in the operating system iOS 10. In this case it is true that does not cause security problems in the device, nor to access personal data or not committed anything of what we have in our iPhone, is the less curious to let us take so long with him and no one account be given of this but above all Apple.

With the amount of updates beta we have previously before any release of the operating system makes us strange these bugs from escaping, here iOS remains just as insurance, but allows a touch lock the device fully.

The bug spreads from the first version of iOS 10in this case known that it fails in iOS 10.2 onwards until you reach the current version 10.3.1 and anyone can make this iPhone lock simply accessed from the iPhone control center. One of the reasons why I recommend always to my acquaintances and friends that the control centre is not accessible from the lock screen is so they can not activate the aircraft in the event of loss of the device and to use find my iPhone to find it, but now joins the East bug that would be accessible from the lock screen…

As we have already said the bug is not bad, just leave the locked device until the iPhone restarts automatically, but better that no one can access the CC from the lock screen. To reproduce the problem, we have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the control center
  2. At the same time press Airdrop and the camera (with two fingers)
  3. The iPhone will stay frozen until you restart automatically

It is possible that you do not block on the first attempt, but if we insist it pressing it is blocked. This demonstrates that it is possible that leaking details of the operating system and that there is no perfect OS. In any case we can make “a joke” with this bug but let’s not spend. The bug is already reported, and surely in the following iOS versions will solve the bug.

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