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Facebook and Google at the top of applications downloaded worldwide


Just the 2016 this same night, a fateful year that will be remembered by them batteries explosive of Samsung, the death of icons music in all them fields and another death of field more technological, it of the Jack 3, 5 mm. However, there are an environment that far from disappearing, continues growing, the environment of the applications mobile. Will give you an overview to what have been the ten most downloaded applications on mobile devices, according to the latest study. As not could be of another mode, Facebook and Google, as companies, lead this field, and is that almost all are of its property, although surprisingly Apple has cast a, would to not know what has been?

THE study has been carried out by Nielsen and have come to the conclusion that Facebook WINS by far, being installed in more than 146 million mobile devices, with their respective users around the world. Following closely to the leader, and for reasons obvious, we found Facebook Messenger, that slashing them 130 million of facilities.

It is now at Google, that Cup the posts from the third to the seventh, no less, with these applications: YouTube, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Play & Gmail respectively and in the same order. Not without leaving Facebook, and is that Instagram comes to the eighth place with nearly 75 million of users.

Apple also has its place in the list, penultimate, but not by that less interesting, and is that Apple Music is is present with almost 70 million of users unique in all the world, something that contrasts enough with the amount of users of payment that the company has reported. And finally, and not least, the giant of e-commerce, Amazon is still present, and more in Spanish municipalities how Roquetas de Mar, where sales at Amazon have grown a 197% over the past year.

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