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Facebook Announces payments by groups in their Messenger app

Everything related to the management of money is undergoing changes constantly. Years ago we did not imagine that we could pay our purchase with a smart watch as Apple Watch and a service such as Apple Pay. Technology is advancing and the demands of the people and the actions of your daily life also. For a few years now it is possible to send money between two people through Facebook, the world’s largest social network; But today announced a system of payment for groups using Facebook Messenger, although for the moment only in United States, and the version of Android and desktop. iOS, as always, will have to wait a little more.  

Forget about ‘I need money’ with the new Facebook Messenger

Starting today for Android and the desktop version, you can send or receive money between groups of people on Facebook Messenger. It is free, simple, fast and secure. You are the accounts of a restaurant or a gift from the group, all you need to do is to go to a group of Messenger conversation to begin.

The mechanics is very simple. Let us take an example. you are 10 friends that you are going to dinner together at a restaurant. As usual, no one has the money fair that it’s up to pay to do the distribution. On this occasion, a person will pay entire account. Then, within a group of Messenger with 9 friends, will make the request of X euros for each person, and each of the people who make up the group will have to pay by Visa or Mastercard, as appropriate.

To make it super simple to keep track of everything, a message appears in the conversation of the group showing who has paid. At any time, you can also see the request in detail in full screen. The coordination of group payments has never been easier.

It is a very simple system to forget I owe money or the typical have no loose. Although it is an early version, has all the earmarks that will be a resounding success among American users, since at the moment is only available in the United States.

In terms of the supported platforms, Facebook Messenger function is only available in the version of desktop and Android app. You will soon arrive at iOS, but meanwhile, we will have to settle for making payments with Apple Pay. On top of these lines you’ll find the video of presentation of the function thanks to the official account of the social network.

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