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Facebook reactions will also arrive in Messenger

Many have been the years which have had to spend until finally to Mark Zuckerberg gave the real wins to express other feelings that would be saying I like on social networking site Facebook. It didn’t make sense that a sad news announcement, people struck on I like it, because obviously the news of this type like anyone and that did so was in quite bad place. Early last year, Facebook by added different reactions to express in a more real way if you don’t like or not a publication, these reactions appear to be about to reach Facebook, Messenger messaging platform.

As we can read in TechCrunch, company Mark Zuckerberg is doing tests on a limited group of users of silver messaging platform to see as they use it and if they finally carry this option to the general public. For now it seems that only dispondriamos of 7 reactions to express our State of mind, like or displeased about what someone has published on the messaging platform, being one of the best way to express themselves when treating groups, which would avoid having to go reading response for response.

Facebook has confirmed this news stating that it is testing new ways to make it more fun to messaging platform, using emojis to express the State of the people. The company has not specified about when it is planning to launch this new feature, if it finally does, but is likely to soon also get to WhatsApp or Instagram, apparently seen lately, where it seems that Mark Zuckerberg wants to convert the platform WhatsApp is a kind of social network after launch of WhatsApp States.

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