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Firefox for iPad finally shows open on the top tabs

In the App Store you can find a large number of browsers most of them are little known and usually users make use of the better known as Firefox, Opera, Chrome and others thanks to the synchronization options that we offer with our desktop versions. Safari is the most used browser in the iOS platform, since it is integrated natively in the system, but little by little those numbers may begin to change, thanks to the agreement some developers have come to that to use Firefox as native aplciacion when you open links, as I reported a few weeks ago.

Firefox is an excellent browser for iOS, but it has always had a problem of interface on the iPad, since when you have several tabs open, it is impossible to quickly access them without having to make two pulsciones or slide your finger between them, since they were not separately in the upper part of the address bar. Afortundamente Firefox has solved this problem by releasing a new update, update that finally allows us to see in the part suprior all tabs that are open, and switch between them with a single touch.

A browser is to be practical in a touch pad, This is one of the basic functions should be, indeed Firefox was few browsers that it not implemented it, but surely there was a compelling reason to do so, a reason that we will never know. But the important thing is that it is already available, so if it was you lazy use Firefox as your browser on your iPad by this visual limitation of open tabs, you have no excuse to start using it again.

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