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First episode of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier for free for a limited time

The series of television The Walking Dead, that carries 7 years in antenna, is has become in a reference in the world of the zombies. Many are inspired by this series, we could call it, classic of the undead as nation Z, Fear The Walking Dead, the latter enough leaves to be desired while the first despite having a budget is much more fun with a few touches of humor that they border on the surreal. But this series has also inspired a large number of video games, as you speak today: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, a game that has a regular price in the App Store for 4.99 Euro , which contains the first episode, but for a limited time you can download it for free.

In the description of the App Store we can read:

After that the society was torn apart in the hands of the undead, the pockets of civilization emerge from chaos. But at what cost? Can the living trust in this new frontier? As Javier, a young man determined to find the family that was removed, you know a young man who has experienced his own and unimaginable loss. His name is Clementine, and their destinies are linked in a story in which every choice you make may be the last.

The Walking Dead: to New Frontier is a series of five episodes, each one is can buy of form independent by 4.99 Euro, although also are offers a pack with all them except the first included in the game. For to enjoy of the game our device must be managed by iOS 9 or higher and is compatible with the iPhone 5s in forward, iPad Mini 2 in forward, and iPad Air in forward. Requires as minimum of 880 MB free in our devices and the subtitles of the game is found in Spanish, by it the language not will be a difficulty added to the game.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (AppStore Link)
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

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