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ForceInPicture is a tweak free to active the function Picture In Picture on the iPhone and iPod

The possibility of play video in a window floating in them devices iOS, came of the hand of iOS 9, but only to the iPad, as a form of increase the productivity of them users as the window split, some functions very expected by them users usual of iPad. But both functions are only available for the iPad, although many have been iPhone users who have demanded this option, Apple continues and is likely to continue without offering this option in future versions of iOS for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Fortunately and if we are regular users of jailbroken, can resort to it in order to enable the mode Picture in Picture on our iPhone, but honestly is not recommended unless you have a view of Lynx and us fairly thin fingers. Pegasus was one of the first tweaks that allowed us to perform this function, but to use it you have to go through cash and pay the $ 2.99 costs. However, the tweak ForceInPicture offers the same function to be able to visualize videos in a floating window, but for free through the Cydia app store.

Once we have installed this tweak, we will be able to launch the video to a floating window with the button designed for this purpose in the playback controls. Once we’ve pressed that button, click on the Home button to see how the video stays floating on the springboard. This tweak works in all applications or site with embedded videos that are compatible with this function and which do not include YouTube unfortunately. Once we have the video in a floating window, it will appear three buttons with which we can restore the video to the application or website where they were, pause the video or close it.

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