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Germany is forcing WhatsApp to fail to collect data from users

Novedades de WhatsApp

Makes some weeks, WhatsApp updated its application by adding adding a update of them terms and conditions for to make use of your application. In these terms could read as the company would begin to share our number of phone and all what do in Facebook with companies of third so that is could put in contact with us through these two pathways of communication. WhatsApp allowed us to decline authorization temporarily as we reported a couple of days, if we do not accept the new terms will not be able to continue making use of the most commonly used worldwide messaging application.


Germany was the first country who is not willing to that country WhatsApp users be forced to have to transfer their data to Facebook and it has forced the company to let collect data which have accessed so far and to delete all information that it currently has. The Hamburg court said that company has not notified properly 35 million users of WhatsApp in the country the change of terms and is making all the information that they collect. According to the Facebook Court has to apply for this permit in advance and explain well which means the collection of data and subsequent management.

Shortly after investing more than 19,000 million dollars in compares it whatsapp, Facebook announced that it would never sell personal information about users and that it would not change their privacy policies. This ad is the typical used by all the large companies when buy others more small since never it make as end social but the intention is take you a party economically. Nothing is free on the internet and as we all know though cost some people accept it.

Europe and especially Germany have always been characterized by worry in excess of the privacy of the residents in the European Union and where ever it has faced with Google and Facebook as well as other technology companies to try to prevent this abuse. But not only in Europe have jumped them alarms, since in United States the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has accused to Facebook of lying and violating the rules of the Commission Federal of trade (FTC).

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