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Get more action with gestures and touches of the AirPods

Some time ago for the launch of the AirPods, Wireless Apple they bring with them one of the best technologies of headphones headphones Bluetooth. Some of the best wireless headphones, which can obviously be improved…

And it is that many cast in failure more gestures to control your device via the AirPods, as for example the power to increase or decrease the volume… Something you can already do, that Yes, thanks to the Jailbreak… Today we speak of Siliqua, a new tweak to add all those gestures that you both take missing to the new Apple AirPods. After the jump we give all the details of this new tweak that will allow us to have the so expected new gestures for the AirPods of Apple…

As you can see in the image above, the Siliqua tweak will allow us to define a large number of new gestures that substitute to the already defined of the AirPods. A very interesting novelty that you can get for free in the BigBoss repository, that Yes, speaking of tweak are talking about jailbreak, so it is necessary that your device has made the jailbreak. The gestures that you can define include:

  • Put in pause or play a song
  • Go to the next song
  • Rewind, or back, a song
  • Advance time 15 seconds
  • Delay 15 seconds of the song
  • Increase the volume
  • Decrease the volume
  • Activate Siri

A few new gestures that we have already mentioned that they should come by default in the configuration of the AirPods and might Apple surprised us with them someday. These can be set to play twice the AirPods, or play them four times. A novelty to quite interesting community jailbreak, you have to be very aware if you have an iPhone with Jailbreak and some AirPods. We’ll see if Apple reacts in next updates…

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