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Goodbye to the downgrade with Prometheus, Apple has blocked the possibility

Jailbreak para iOS 10

If us has followed them last days, know of what talk when say Prometheus, and is that us refer to a tool that was released to perform the famous “downgrade” in iOS and that us would allow return to make our device compatible with the last version useful of the Jailbreak. However, we already know what little likes this kind of legalistic Apple, OS is theirs and they only play it. By that, you have that give the bad news of that already not can use this tool to do the downgrade, so more than one will have that forgetting is of the Jailbreak.

As we have said, on Reddit have begun to report some users who can not use the hack to downgrade, and is that Apple is solving it in a staggered fashion. Is receives a message of error related with the servers of Apple and that ensures that the software not going to to be signed. The page still running correctly, by what can imagine that is Apple who has taken measures drastic to avoid this type of tricks against your system operating. And that still have the Jailbreak lovers (I went it like the most), increasingly makes less sense under the work they are doing from Cupertino to build a mobile operating system as open as possible.

However, Jailbreak always offers us alternatives to the operating system that we can not install otherwise, something that goes far beyond saving money on application payment. In short, the server TSS referred to in Prometheus is not down, while the application thus notified. We can dismiss us quickly of this fleeting tool, but many users have used to take advantage of the Jailbreak.

Without more, with this first article of the year, we hope that you continue trusting today iPhone as your reference to be aware of all the news site. Prosperous 2017.

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