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Google Assintant abandons the exclusivity of the Pixel and makes the leap to more smartphones

Google Assistant is the big bet of the technology giant in the world of artificial intelligence. How we interact with technology products that surround us begins to be very important for manufacturers – and will be even more in the very near future-, especially for those who manage a very important amount of data each day, as it is the case of Google and, to a lesser extent Apple.

Today we have known that Google Assistant will give the jump within not much (it will begin this week for the U.S. and will be spreading by more countries in the coming months) to other smartphones. Just so with the exclusivity with which until the moment had the Google Pixel, the phone manufactured by the brand and that, together with Google Home, Allo and them devices with Android Wear, had in scoop with said Assistant.

The phones mobile with Android 7.0 Nougat and 6.0 Marshmallow will begin to enjoy of Google Assistant, in addition to come included in others from the beginning, as the recently presented LG G6, HTC 10, LG V20 or Samsung Galaxy S7 (by what-assume-that also will come included in the next Galaxy S8). From Google highlight the utility of this Assistant and how we can help in many of them tasks and activities that perform to daily.

This expansion of Google Assistant is a new challenge for Apple and Siri, that have been accused in those last times of remain in a State of “stagnation” that you is doing a skinny please to the company of Cupertino facing their rival more direct. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has expressed several times in recent months interest for augmented reality and artificial intelligence as an element diferencidor in the future, it is expected that the next iPhone is also a leap forward in this regard.

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