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Google Chrome for iOS is now open source

Google Chrome is has become in the last years in the browser more used in the environment of desktop, removing you a lot fee of market both to Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge as to Safari. In the telephony market, there is no data that confirm or contradict if the use of Chrome in iOS is superior to the Safari, but thanks to the integration with the native ecosystem of Safari, the Apple browser is much more functional than the alternative of Chrome. The Google guys still updating every month by introducing new developments in its version for desktop and for smartphones.

The latest news related to the Chrome browser is that Google just release it, adding its code to the repository of the Chromium project, so that any user can modify it and create their own versions. Says Google in his blog, the Chrome code for iOS had kept out of the rest of the Chromium project due to the complexity that requires the Apple mobile platform, since the Cupertino-based company requires that all browsers are created at the top of the WebKit rendering engine and in the case of Chrome in addition to Blink , what was supposed to a complexity extra that wanted to avoid before releasing the code.

Two engines use complicated Chrome commitment to open source, but after several years the developers that make use of the code may compile versions of iOS with Chromium. This movement in Google to good insurance will be an important movement in the applications that will arrive soon to the App Store in the form of browser in addition to applications, such as management of mail, which also have a built-in browser, whose performance can be greatly improved by making use of code that Google’s Chrome has released for iOS.

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