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Google Drive is updated and introduces new

Google Drive is one of the best alternatives to be found currently among the many clouds of storage there is on the market. Dropbox has certainly begun to SAG what users are concerned, mainly due to the wide range of rates and capabilities offered by the competition. In this way, are increasingly more users that are decided by the cloud of Google or Apple as a main substitute. We’ll talk today about Google drive and what are the novelties presented by facing its last update, including features that are more than necessary.

According to the update notes, these are the two main novelties which we find if we update the application as indicates the iOS App Store.

• Find the files you are looking for up to 50% faster: quick access function predicts intelligently files that you need so you don’t have to search for them. This feature will be available to all users in the coming weeks.
• Used equipment units to collaborate in a secure and easy to manage shared space. This feature will be available to select customers of G Suite in the coming weeks.

Ultimately, with his client for macOS and iOS, we have one of the best alternatives, really quick to both time sync how to operate the system. From here and my experience, I can strongly recommend Google Drive, above all is the best company of University users and students in general that can leverage hundreds of plans offered by schools. Thus Google is closing a period of updates since it was nothing done 3D Touch to applications such as Gmail and Google Maps. So, touch update and the best performance.

Google Drive: almacenamiento online gratuito (AppStore Link)
Google Drive: free online storage

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