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Google Maps shows us the State of the traffic with a widget

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Apple maps we can say many things, among which is the lack of profit that the company is taking. Google Maps, has spent many years in this, but it also has more imagination than Apple when it comes to use its new features. The Google guys practically every month updated its maps application, adding new improvements and features that users continue to make use of its platform instead of the Apple, which in recent years has been gaining more and more followers, thanks to improvements in Cupertino have been added.

The latest update of the Google Maps service offers a widget that you can place in the Centre of notifications, which will inform us about the State of the traffic in our area without having to open the application at any time. A new very useful feature if we plan to go by car somewhere close but that traffic can take us longer than usual.

But it is not the only new feature that Google has added to its maps service, since it also offers us the possibility to look for places in our path when we get indications, ideal for when we will walk and we want to do a little tourism or don’t have very clear where we want to go.

At the moment Apple still does not offer in Spain or in many Spanish speaking countries, except Mexico, information about public transport routes that announced at the WWDC which presented iOS 9. This new feature is only available in more than 10 countries and at the moment seems to be for long.

What’s new with 4.25 Google Maps update

  • Consult the information of traffic in the screen of home of your device with the widget traffic nearby.
  • Find places in your path when you get directions.
  • Correction of errors.
Google Maps: Navegación y tránsito (AppStore Link)
Google Maps: Navigation and transit

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