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Google Meet is the new alternative to Skype and Amazon Chime

Two weeks ago, the giant of online sales and Amazon cloud services, launched a new service to compete with service calls from Microsoft Skype, called Amazon Chime. But it seems that it is not the only competition that veteran Microsoft video calling service is finding the road, already giant searches (all I’m giant) Google has announced Google Meet a platform to perform directed video, as well as Amazon Chime to the professional environment, where Google also has a very strong presence. Google Meet is the new Google Hangouts addressed to companies and is included in Suite G.

G Suite is a pack of applications that Google offers companies among which before was Hangouts to make calls and video calls, but has now been replaced by Google Meet. Seems the guys in Mountain View they are determined to put an end once and for all Hangouts, be it only for the use of individuals or may eventually disappear so Google Allo and Google Duo become new options of messaging and video calls between users. Time will tell it.

The operation of Google Meet is different from which we can find with Hangouts, where you only have to click on the link to access a video call. With Google Meet that change, since we will only have to enter a code from meeting that will allow us to directly access the video call. These codes are a kind of password that are created specifically for each meeting. Google Meet will be supported in Google Calendar to provide information about upcoming meetings and people who participate in them.

While Hangouts has a maximum limit of 1 participants, Google Meet expanding that number to 30 of simultaneously. At the moment only available through the website, but soon it will do so also in the form of application for iOS and Android. At the moment only it is compatible with Google Chrome, for what can not access if you do not use the browser of Google, this way all left at home.

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