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Google pictures is updated and is now compatible with AirPlay

There are many users who rely on Google photos when it comes to storing a copy of all your pictures and videos on the iPhone. Google photos allows us to store any image, not exceeding 16 Megapixel of resolution, and videos in Full HD for free and without discount part of the space that we have engaged or we have obtained free. But this service is not dedicated only to allow us to store a copy of our film, but it also offers us the possibility to search for objects, areas, people… as also we can make on the reel of our device natively.

But thanks to the latest update from Google photos, are now going to be able to enjoy our favourite images on the big screen of our TV, since finally offers compatibility with the AirPlay feature, function that allows us to display your favorite images stored in Google photos, as well as videos, on our home television. So far, the only to power something similar was duplicate our device screen on the big screen, a last resort that after this update is not needed.

From the Apple to offer storage space in iCloud, many are users who have chosen to make use of this service instead of the Google photos, while the latter is free, especially since Apple already allows us to store any type of document in our cloud. One of the main reasons to pay for having a copy in the cloud is the perfect integration with our PC and Mac, where a backup of all the pictures that we made in our iPhone, something that we can not get with Google photos are downloaded.

Google Fotos: espacio gratis para fotos y vídeos (AppStore Link)
Google photos: space free photos and videos

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