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Griffin introduced at CES its coffee-maker, toaster and mirror smart

The Internet of things, is gradually coming to be contrary to what others may think. Home automation over time will become commonplace in many homes, but eventually, already that currently the majority of devices that can be controlled from our smartphone are relatively expensive and often do not outweigh the use we make of them. The firm Griffin has with its new line of products in the Consumer Electronic Show taking place these days in Las Vegas, as every year, and in which we have seen their new range of smart products which includes a coffee maker, a toaster and a mirror.

The Connected Coffeemaker, which will be priced at 99.99 dollars is a bluetooth device that works through the application of the company with which we can make up to 12 coffee without having to recharge the device, either water or coffee. It will be available in the second quarter of the year.

We also find the Connected Toaster, which as its name suggests, is a toaster that will have the same price of $99.99 when you reach the market also in the second quarter of this year. The toaster, with two slots, allows us to adjust the exact temperature at which we want to make toast, some adjustments that we store for each of the members of the House.

Connected Mirror is the most ambitious company device, a mirror that has a price of $ 999.99 and that will come at the end of this year. This clever mirror is connected with the various devices of the company we have spread all over the House to show the temperature, time, traffic information, the weather forecast as well as messages with information that can send the devices of the company that you are using.

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