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Have you lost your iPhone? Guide to block or find your lost iPhone

These times of celebrations are conducive to make thieves and confused a bad combination. Them possibilities of “losing” or that us shirk our precious device mobile is increase exponentially, both by the low guard due to the atmosphere festive, as by the situations conducive to the theft of our belongings. By that, with this guide to block or find your iPhone lost, are going to try that them users that is have seen detached of its iPhone are a small ray of light between so much darkness. Go with these tips and basic tricks to retrieve our Apple devices iPhone.

And it is that often it’s mobile devices that cost enough, that, under current law, Spanish can be a major crime. We recall that this guide is for those cases where the device has been lost at dismissal, or have taken us without any type of robbery, threat or violent situation.

  1. Stay calm, looking for a device that can access iCloud: if we’re lucky, and relatively recently that we have lost sight of our mobile device, can go to and enter the application of “Search”. There, you will find numerous possibilities. If your device still has its SIM card, or is connected via WiFI, you will locate it immediately. In addition, we will show how much battery is left in our mobile device, to make us a slight idea of what will last on. Once we have located, we tend to three alternatives.
    1. Sound: That will allow us, thanks to a buzzer, quickly retrieve our mobile device, since we can locate it easily.
    2. Lost mode: Mode lost on the mobile device, which will make you keep locked, displaying the contact information of the user who lost it, is activated and thus facilitate who find him, that he returned to us as soon as possible.
    3. Delete iPhone: This is our last alternative, if we don’t have any hope of recovering it, we can delete it to make it completely inaccessible to our information. However, if you have unlock code, hardly will be able to steal any information from our iPhone.
  2. Alert to your company that you do not have the device: In this way, the telephone company may suspend the service of mobile calls or internet traffic, ensuring us that who takes for it, is not going to make any kind of expenditure to it comes to invoice. This measure is not recommended while we have located the device, since the connection 3G allows you to keep us informed of your situation and the best performance to the possibilities of “Find my iPhone”
  3. Locks your device IMEI: This is the last option, when we have not been able to locate any method our device, time to block it by IMEI. Really not necessary at all, since iOS security assures us that our device may not be restored and reused without our Apple ID, but is better than cure, so we will contact our telcos in the following contact numbers:
    1. Movistar: 1004
    2. Vodafone: 123
    3. Orange: 1470
    4. Yoigo: 622

We take this opportunity to remind you we not emboldened us to the possibility of locating our iPhone, conflict with a person who has hurtado us device can have fatal consequences, for this reason, we recommend that you contact those in charge of the place in which you find yourself, as well as closer citizen protection services, whether Local police private security , National police and Civil Guard, they’ll know how to recover your device while maintaining appropriate security measures.

On the other hand, fits remember that before thefts of such magnitude, can go to the safe of the home that the majority of families have hired. This type of safe usually include clauses that protect these situations, by what, with a bit of luck and if searched suffered a theft, can go to the policy and minimize damage, whenever not tell with a safe specific for your device mobile.

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