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How customize the information shown in those workouts in the Apple Watch

Información mostrada en la app entreno del Apple WatchAlthough the Apple Watch can do much more, one of the reasons that Tim Cook and company give us to buy one is sport. Indeed, the Apple Watch Series 2 includes two improvements designed for them athletes: greater resistance to the water and a GPS that us will allow make sport to outdoor without having that bring us our iPhone. On the other hand, watchOS includes an app called train to control our training sessions.

Although is true that train is an application quite basic, also it is that sometimes the simplicity is something positive. In any case, we also have the ability to customize what information will display the application training, and this is something that we can do for each type of training, as it may be running, walking, cycling or swimming. In this article I’ll show how edit this information.

Train, the app from the Apple Watch to control our activity physical

As much of the Apple smart clock settings, customize what measurements will show the app train will have to access the Watch of the iPhone app. Once open go to my clock/training/training see, from where you can select from the following options:

  • Several measurements. This is the option that is displayed in the header image, although published (something which I will explain later). As its name indicates, we will see several measurements including distance, pulse and training time.
  • A measurement. If you prefer it, you can do that only see a measuring on screen. If you want to see other measurements, you need to turn the Digital Crown. Personally not you see much sense to this option unless you do a sport in which also use another device that shows more data.

Editar mediciones app Entreno del Apple Watch

If we have selected the option several measurements under us will appear all them sports available to personalize also what information show in each one of them. You can add or delete:

  • Duration.
  • Frequency heart.
  • Distance.
  • Current speed.
  • Speed average.
  • Calories active.
  • Total calories.

Editar mediciones Entreno

In the captures of the image of header only can see the duration, the frequency heart and the distance. I have not activated the rest of measurements because or not interested to see them while I’m training or I can see them on the computer. In any case, the word “Customize” implies that This is something personal.

What measurements are those that you want to see in the app train while you are playing sport?

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